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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bristol West's answer to Sam Seabourne writes...

Oh god, god, god, god, god. Just realised that this time tomorrow we may well have a Tory government. Oh GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD.
I'm already planning to go out and help the local Lib Dems tonight at the polling station, but will it be enough? I suspect we will win in our constituency since it was tight last time between Labour and Lib Dem and I can't see people round here voting Tory. Mind you, there are a lot of small businesses, shops etc, who might go blue. More likely disillusioned Labour voters will go Green or Lib Dem, and the Greens have no hope of winning so fingers crossed for Stephen Williams getting those tactical votes.
Hopefully the leaflets I delivered will have helped, I feel like a right proper local activist (even got a text message from Nick Clegg -allegedly-this morning saying thanks for my hard work). Shame that some of the envelopes I pushed through doors were empty by mistake... I only realised when a woman came running out to ask what was meant to be inside the envelope I'd put through the door. 'Election information', I said. 'Oh, which party?' she said.
Of course I should have said 'Your local Conservative candidate madam!' But like the well-meaning leftie fool I am, I told the truth. 'Says it all really, but then they're all just as bad as each other aren't they?' was her parting shot - can't help kind of agreeing with her given the record of the local council but hey ho.


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