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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A question for runners

Dear fellow runners, if there are any of you reading this, I have a question.
It goes without saying that we all have little movie-training-montages running in our heads as we go - you know, cutting from yourself looking determined running past bushes, to yourself looking determined but slightly tired running past the duckpond, to yourself doing the hands-on-thighs-while-looking-up-determinedly pose) while waiting at the zebra crossing. And it's obviously important to shout 'AADRIEEEENNNNNE' in your head if you have to run up any steps.
But my question is this: when you've finished your run and you're doing your bit of walking to cool down, do you worry that passers-by won't realise that you've just run a bloody long way and will just think you've wimped out? And if so, how do you cope? Do you do lots of puffing and 'phew'ing? Do you hold your phone to your ear and talk loudly about 'GOD I've just run MILES I'm KNACKERED...yes...just doing the WARM DOWN now'? Do you affect a limp so they'll think you *could* be running but you've just injured yourself?


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