Downsized and out in Bristol and Somerset

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fish empathy

I know it's a serious thing and I do love fish and think they are my friends not my food and the quilt seems very beautiful but… it's just the phrase 'fish empathy quilt' that makes me totally unable to take thisseriously.

Sorry PETA. Don't dump horse poo outside my house please.

Vegetables: an update

Prince Charming has signed up for an allotment. So, we may soon have that vegetable patch. It won't be mine, though, he made me promise I'd let him do whatever he wants in it ( which will be herbs, beetroot and potatoes, knowing him) because I don't let him tell me what to do in the garden. By the way, the garden's coming on a treat. I've got 7ft-high sweet peas that smell gorgeous and the passion flower is taking over the whole place. You can almost pretend you're in a lovely cottage somewhere if you block out the sound of the car alarms.